Fort St Angelo – Officers’ Lounge and Terraces

Fort St Angelo’s intrinsic value for the Maltese Islands and their people has no comparison. It may not be the oldest, grandest or finest stronghold, but it surely is the boldest memorial of the strategic importance of these tiny islands, and of the innumerable lives sacrificed for their dominion since time immemorial. Control of this fort meant effective rule of the Maltese Islands for the past thousand years at least. Indeed, no other fortress has been engaged with the same intensity in the shaping of Malta’s destiny.

Venue Info

The intimate space and the adjacent terraces create a conductive atmosphere for participants to concentrate and focus whilst enjoying the amazing location of the venue. There are also self-catering rooms which include a shower, toilet and kitchenette and are ideal for meetings, workshops and focus groups.


Seating Dinner - 120

Seating Theater Style - 150

Standing - 200


Water & Electricity
Storage area for Caterers
Electric truck transport and Cab transport
Marina Parking Area



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