National Museum of Archaeology – The Blue Room

The National Museum of Archaeology is housed in the Auberge de Provence, in Republic Street, Valletta. Originally built in the late 1570s during the tenure of Grand Master Jean l’Evesque de la Cassiere (1572-1581) in the more composed style of Geronimo Cassar, this auberge served as headquarters, temporary residence and meeting place for the Knights coming from the region of Provence in southeast France. The façade and adjoining voids were remodelled during the course of the 17th century in the then fashionable French Baroque style

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With its patterned floor tiles and minimalistic decoration which consist of a table dating to the period of the Knights of the Order of St John and a fireplace, this multipurpose room can be used for lectures, workshops, break out rooms, and meetings amongst other activities. It can also be rented out with the Gran Salon and used for refreshments, since no refreshments are allowed inside the Gran Salon.


Seating Dinner - 60

Seating Theater Style - 80

Standing - 100


Folding Tables
Bistro Tables
PA System
Street Parking



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